Be The King Mod APK v2.2.26612 (Unlimited Money)


Be The King Mod APK

Be the king Mod APK is up-to-date mod unlimited money, coin, or the android. Be active to enjoy the journey to high Top with royal imagination, an original RPG that provides realistic professional of an imperial China formal stepping into the enormous power! And there’s always a lot more fun for you to come upon.

In the royal invention, you can begin your life with your and best friend, who will be much helpful in every prediction. You can also observe much more happiness and joy in both individual and multiplayer gameplay and different online events with the generous award! Begin your journey as an earlier arranged magistrate. Set on to bring success back to the people. You will not be alone in your search to replace the order to the Empire. New friends are anxious to start your cause and impart you their services. Fill out your cash box and raise your troops to defeat confidential enemies and surprising competitors.


Be The King Game is an RPG game, in which the player acts as one of royal China`s formal in a struggle to gain high power. Your life starts with the help of accepter and second in command, which is ready to help in the different features. The powerful your second command, you will become even more influential in the royal palace, and will also be able to fight.

Once the land of incredible wealth, fascination, and capability, Imperial China is now on the margin of fall down. The all-powerful royal court manipulation and in-fighting. Egotistical officials impatient to use the population for their personal obtain have forgotten their promise and task. Begin your journey as a freshly arranged court. Set on to bring affluence back to the people, you will face many enemies crooked to continue in their wicked ways. But don’t worry, for you are not alone in your wish to put back order to the realm. You will meet many new friends impatient to connect your cause and impart you their services. Get up through the royal court ranks and set up a birthright that will last a thousand years.

In Be The King Mod APK, you can begin your life with your hanger-on and intimate who will help every outlook. Also, you can observe much, much more pleasure and joy in both individual and multiplayer gameplay as well as different online functions with generous awards.


Engage and boost staff:

There are many companions of different techniques and capabilities! As they expand stronger, you will fight even more in opposition to the Empire!

Value your confidence: 

Hit a clump of believers ready to follow you and take care of you.

Children are observer:

Love watching your kids pile up! When you grow up, you can carry your baby and proceed in with other players in-laws.

Combat association:

Connect in the association or make a more reliable connection. Not only can you have fun and enjoy the association, but you will also get some Alliance Awards at the Alliance event.

Study in the academy:

If you are vigorous sufficient, can you find a place in the academy? The ink jacket will help you to find a place in the academy.

Laundry and banishing:

If you think you have many acceptors and followers, you can quickly banish your deserter to the laundry or your followers to the banishing system.

Conversation without interference:

Conversation channels merge translation features that allow you to converse freely with people around the world without the panic of language barriers.

Engage and improve retainer:

 Engage retainers with unique abilities to help you on your journey. Significant generals, brave warriors, and genius advisers are ready to join your cause. Improve them to help you overcome the many enemies and challenges


The Game Be The King Mod APK comes with unmatchable Graphics, that are easy to enhance and easy to understand. It doesn’t itch the eyes. We can say the game has super amazing graphics.

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