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Call of Duty Mod APK | APK404

No doubt, Android is a fantastic platform for developers to introduce new games, especially those games which involved with multiple actions on the screen like FPS. Hence said that all the gamers are looking forward to the best title to enjoy on their devices. However, it’s not easy to find a good game due to the rush of games on the android play store, and you’ll have to search vigorously for a good title that varied from others.
Call Of Duty MOD APK is one of a few games that you will find exciting and satisfying. You can read all the reviews from us on the FPS games and Call of Duty Mobile.


Play as the army’s most expert group of soldiers, participate in dangerous missions that no one can take, and finish them in style. You’ll enjoy the most amazing FPS gameplay with Call Of Duty Mod APK. The game starts in the fictitious battleground in which you, as an expert, must put your best to win the task assigned by your officer.
Make use of your amazing skills and abilities, try to be the best in Call of Duty Mobile. As you increase your level, you will know about the secrets that you never know would exist. Explore the best Shooting FPS Game on your Android Devices.


No doubt, you will find Call of Duty Mod APK quite unusual from the other FPS Games on Apk404. It provides smooth and polished gameplay with realistic experiences like no others. You’ll be playing the real Call of Duty Game from the real developers of Activision Publishing. Please find out all the reviews about the game from there.

Call of Duty Mod APK | APK404

Experience a Satisfying GamePlay with Iconic Modes

Lovers of the fantastic FPS Franchise would have their chances to replay some of the most iconic maps and game modes from all the games. The game comprises features from the real Modern Warfare Games and the latest COD: Black Ops Series.
In incorporation, players will be able to go one-on-one in thorough and exciting multiplayer battles. Enjoy the insanity gameplay of CoD with your friends whenever you’re ready. And since it is a relatively new game with a few updates, many new updates related to the game’s content are expected to be introduced. You will enjoy the more new updates in the future soon.

Compete With Others In Iconic Online Gaming Modes

The best thing about Call of Duty Mod APK is that it features Iconic Online Gaming Modes, which provides you access to play with your friends via local networks, but you can also play with the players all over the world. It will be fascinating to compete and show your skills in the game to the actual players from all over the world.
You’ll have the ranked mode with competitive battles that decide your actual position in the Global Rankings. Or if you need a more cooperative experience, you can join multiplayer matches with your friends and clanmates, competing with others clan and group to win amazing prizes.

Unlock Special Customizations

As you’ll be playing with millions of other players, it would be nice to have your character customized with various styles to stand out from other mediocre players. And what could be more suitable than a new character, weapons, or customized units?
You can purchase these items with your own money or by completing missions, challenges, or quests. No doubt, you will be more enjoyable with these kinds of customizations.

Mobile Control Optimized

Most FPS players playing the games on their PC or console, don’t like playing the games on Android Devices. And the reason for this is most FPS games on the android platform don’t come with the smooth and satisfying controls that make the player destructive.
But, This scenario doesn’t come with the fantastic Call of Duty Mod APK. This game allows you to use the most optimized control system for smartphones. The developers have done a great job by making good use of the touchscreen. So, You are free to enjoy the shooting gameplay without being limited by the awkward control.

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GenresShooting Games
DevelopersActivision Publishing Inc
Requirements4.0.3 and up
Size98.58 MB
Last Updated13-06-2020


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