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Since the inventions of smartphones, human life changed and became easier and enjoying. You can use it for any type of video making and editing. Use your phone as a portable camera to take pictures or making memorial videos. Each and every moment can be recorded and edited with your phone’s camera. There are a variety of different android applications to edit videos right on their mobile phones, KineMaster Pro APK is one of the best and free video editing tool for android users.

Find out more interesting features of this amazing KineMaster app with our reviews.

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KineMaster comes with fully free and easy features for android users to edit their beautiful videos. You can easily use this app and edit your videos in easier and possible ways.

The app allows you to utilize your phone’s powerful hardware by providing the professional interface. which provides you with various app options to use. You can freely edit your videos in multiple layers, various blending modes, voiceover, increase or decrease the speed, transitions, and many more.

Become a valuable content creator by recording and editing your own videos in your own style with KineMaster Pro APK.

Multilayer Editing Interface

On the go, the app enables you to edit your videos on the multilayer interface. This feature allows you to make uses of available customizations. This interface made it extremely easier to position your editings and make changes into the videos. You can add images, music, special effects, stickers, text, handwriting, and many more.

You can preview the video after every changings.

Multiple Sound Adjustment

Together with the available customizations, effects, and visual changings, the app comes with an option of sound adjustment. You can easily remove the sound of any video if you don’t like it, and you can insert another sound of any music or even voiceover that video you want to edit. You can also change the sound of the video on some special points.

Blending Modes

As you entered the world of video editing, the KineMaster app provides different varieties of blending modes and filters to use. Feel free to use of available blending options to create crisp, stunning, and visual effects to your videos. Available filters allow you to completely change the look of your videos on a single click.

Reverse Videos

Android user using this app can now completely change and edit their videos by completely reversing the video and all its content. This includes the all available editing that you have made and looks more fun and interesting. You can reverse and flip your old videos too to make them more interesting and funny.

Editing Tools

The app allows you to make uses of free and useful tools inside the app to make your videos more interesting, funny and attractive. You can edit your videos by cropping, splicing and trimming the whole videos or some certain special parts of the video to make it more effective.


To assist you in making videos, the KineMaster Pro APK provides you with a huge collection of various editing material. You can make uses of free builtin music, videos, effects, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transition effects, and many more features of the app.

Audio Control with EQ Settings

And For those users who are interested to change the EQ setting to control the audio prefix, the app provides the EQ Settings totally free. And You can change the audio settings, adjust the volume and tones in various prospects with EQ preset.

Add Motions to the Layers

If you wish to make your videos more enjoying, you can use different animations to each layer. You can adjust the animations to each layer and change how you perceive the videos in these awesome settings.

Quality Videos Export and Sharing

And In the last, after making your videos with the described and different variations you can export the videos in high-quality 4K or 30FPS. Furthermore, You can also save them and share your videos to social platforms on a single click like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Free to Use

The main important thing is that The Kinemaster Pro APK is fully free and charge not a single penny. You can download it from there.

Download APK File [Mod] v4.14.2.16650.GP

Download APK File [Mod] v4.12.3.15162.GP

Download APK File [Mod] v4.11.16.14372.GP



GenresVideo Players & Editors
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Requirements5.0 and So on.
Size82.96 MB
Last Updated04-08-2020

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